About Kickstartstories

 “Kick Start Stories” is a sneaker web series that’s made for everyone. In each episode, the host and creator of the show, Brynn McIntosh, converse with those who share a connection to sneakers. Potential guests featured on the show can range from sneakerheads, customizers, and store owners, to hypebeast, artists, and non-sneakerheads. Ever since sneaker culture took rise in 1985, when Michael Jordan released Air Jordan, sneaker collecting has become negatively perceived. The stigma claims that those who identify with the sneaker community are overly “materialistic,” which is a view that originates from outsiders in particular, who do not share the same value as sneakerheads and admirers. The conflict simply stems from a lack of discourse. In an effort to bridge that gap, “Kick Start Stories,” strives to create a space where not only outsiders of the community can gain understanding, and possibly discover a connection to sneakers besides use, but also a space where identifiers with the sneaker community can resonate with the stories told.


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